Delicate and distinguished

Millésimé Extra-Brut

The latest arrival in the Fallet-Dart range, Millésimé Extra brut, is the culmination of our blending processes, aimed at bringing out the purest natural flavours of champagne. Dominated by Chardonnay, this blend has light citrus flavours on the palate balanced by remarkable aromatic finesse. Eight years ageing in the cellar with very little addition of other blends shows all the distinctiveness of an exceptional year.

Blending: Chardonnay 70% Pinot noir 30%
Fermentation: alcoholic and Malolactic in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels
Ageing: 8 years
Post disgorging resting period: 8 – 12 months
Recommended keeping time: 5 years

Wine and food

Aperitifs: savoury choux pastry puffs, sushis, oysters or delicate fish


Médaille d’or – Concours d’Epernay des champagnes du vignoble 2016