An exceptional vineyard

situated in a historic region

In the heart of the Marne valley

The 18 hectares of our champagne house are spread out in 5 villages around Charly-sur-Marne. Part of our land in Drachy, which originally belonged to the bishopric of Soissons known by the name of “Clos du Mont”, produces delicious powerful wines.

A rich land

Clay, chalk and sandy soil parcels allow us to produce wines made from one single parcel or to mix them making rich and balanced blends.

The three types of vine in Champagne

Our house grows the three different types of vine in Champagne: 45% of Meunier, 30% of Chardonnay, 25% of Pinot Noir. Meunier gives a specific taste to Champagne made in the Marne Valley.

Manual work

All of the work of grape gathering, pruning, binding, disbudding and tying up the vines, is done by hand, strictly respecting the traditions of the Champagne region. It is essential that the upkeep of the vineyards is done by hand to obtain grapes of quality. To this end 8500 hours of work are dedicated to these tasks.

Innovation and tradition

Daniel and Paul apply their passion and commitment, to methods ensuring sustainable crops. They combine innovation with tradition. This includes: manual work on the plants, mechanical defoliating, ploughing, use of drones and growing grass between the rows of vines to air the soil and limit erosion.

The art of wine-producing


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