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Round and fruity

Cuvée de Réserve Brut

This non-vintage champagne brut, perfectly reflects the wonderful roundness and fruity taste of the Meunier grape which predominates in this blend. A touch of Pinot noir gives body and structure to this champagne… Expressive and with fruity aromas of fresh pear, peach, apple and liquorice. The Cuvée de Réserve is a champagne for before dinner drinks between friends, and big receptions. The Cuvée de Réserve is also available in Demi-Sec for the delight of those who enjoy a fresh but soft texture.
Elegant and powerful

Grande Sélection Brut

Grande Sélection is elegant and powerful and brings out length on the palate from Pinot noir which predominates in this blend. A touch of Meunier and Chardonnay contribute to the complexity of this champagne. Its ageing period in the cellar discloses aromas of candied fruit, almond and hazelnut, and fruity notes like green apple and peach.
Intense and crispy

Rosé Brut

Made from Meunier and Pinot noir, this blend of rosés made by maceration, has a pretty coppery hue. Aromas include a charming mix of strawberry, cherry and pink grapefruit. This blend is a fine and soft rosé champagne, to be drunk while it has its fruity youth.
The fruit of an exceptional year

Millésime 2015 Brut

Unlike the non-vintage Fallet-Dart champagnes, the Millésime brut is made from the grapes of one single year’s harvest which is of exceptional quality. Chardonay from the parcel called les Malivas, gives an exceptional freshness and an aromatic finesse to the Millésime brut. Some of the best Pinot noir is also incorporated into this blend. Partly vinified in oak barrels, this wine shows great elegance and complexity, balancing freshness and a light note of brioche. Several years of ageing in the Fallet Dart cellars are needed to obtain this distinguished millésime champagne, time works its magic and it reaches a full-bodied...
Delicate and distinguished

Millésimé 2015 Extra-Brut

The latest arrival in the Fallet-Dart range, Millésimé Extra brut, is the culmination of our blending processes, aimed at bringing out the purest natural flavours of champagne. Dominated by Chardonnay, this blend has light citrus flavours on the palate balanced by remarkable aromatic finesse. Several years ageing in the cellar and a very little ”dosage” show all the distinctiveness of an exceptional year.
Ripe and developed

Les Hauts des Clos du Mont

The parcel of land “Les Hauts des Clos du Mont”, situated on the banks of the Marne river, faces south-east and has exceptional soil. Made exclusively from one year’s harvest on this historic parcel (once belonging to the bishopric of Soissons), the Clos du Mont cuvee is vinified in oak barrels. This method of vinifying allows the aromas of creamy wood to develop slowly leaving a long agreeable length on the palate. Ageing on lees since 2005, gives this cuvee intriguing notes of dried fruit, fresh butter and caramel.

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