Our brandies

Kept in casks for several years

Fine de la marne

Produced by distillation of champagne wine, this brandy has delicate aromas of wood and vanilla. Delicious on ice-cream or on its own according to your taste. To be appreciated in front of a log fire in the winter or after a barbecue in the summer: a wonderful liquor typical of the Champagne region.
A typical brandy from our region


Ratafia is a liqueur made from freshly pressed grape juice and Fine de la Marne. As with all our champagnes the wine making process of Ratafia is exclusively carried out under our care in our winery. Two years in oak casks in our cellars give it its beautiful amber colour and smooth texture.
A brandy with personality

Vieux marc

Produced by distilling the “Aignes”, (the grape skins after they have been pressed) this brandy has a silky texture and aromas of pear and caramel. A wonderfully aromatic brandy that will develop many subtle aromas. To be drunk at room temperature.

Our champagnes


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