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Round and fruity

Cuvée de réserve

This non-vintage champagne brut, perfectly reflects the wonderful roundness and fruity taste of the Meunier grape which predominates in this blend. A touch of Pinot noir gives body and structure...
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Elegant and powerful

Grande Sélection

Grande Sélection is elegant and powerful and brings out length on the palate from Pinot noir which predominates in this blend. A touch of Meunier and Chardonnay contribute to the...
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Ripe and developed

Clos du Mont – 2004 draught

The parcel of land “Clos du Mont”, situated on the banks of the Marne river, faces south-east and has exceptional soil. Made exclusively from one year’s harvest on this historic...
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The fruit of an exceptional year

Millésime Brut

Unlike the non-vintage Fallet-Dart champagnes, the Millésime brut is made from the grapes of one single year’s harvest which is of exceptional quality. Chardonay from the parcel called les Malivas,...
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Delicate and distinguished

Millésimé Extra-Brut

The latest arrival in the Fallet-Dart range, Millésimé Extra brut, is the culmination of our blending processes, aimed at bringing out the purest natural flavours of champagne. Dominated by Chardonnay,...
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Rich and elegant

Rosé Brut

Made from Meunier and Pinot noir, this blend of rosés made by maceration, has a pretty coppery hue. Aromas include a charming mix of strawberry, cherry and pink grapefruit. This...
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